Anything can be done and Leighs Construction Co. can help you get it done right!

Leighs Construction Co. was established in 2005 and is locally owned and operated by founder Jeremy Leigh. Jeremy has worked in construction related jobs for more than sixteen years, which provides the company with a broad knowledge about many different forms of construction. Jeremy was able to fulfill his dream and start a company that is based on integrity and making sure your end goals are always met.

At Leighs Construction Co. we are dedicated to providing our customers, with the best experience possible. This philosophy started with our company in 2005 and we have worked hard to keep in line with it. We believe that for every job there is not only a right tool, but also the right product to use, as well as the right crew to bring it all together into the manifestation of your vision.

In order to deliver on the best experience possible we have to not only work with you to get it right the first time, but also have to be able to stand by our construction in the future.

Meet the Team